Abies nordmanniana – Fresh live Mini Christmas Tree with Real Fragrance 30cm-60cm


Delivery  for LIVE trees are available after 15 Nov Onwards!

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Premium Fir LIVE Mini Christmas Tree with Real Fragrance 30-60cm.

Cute little christmas tree to decorate your table top!

  • The actual Tree may differ as each tree has its own unique natural look and though look identical but never 100% similar to the image pictured here.


    • Our LIVE Christmas trees are natural, fresh products that are personally hand-picked, cultivated, and pest-free.
    • All trees are treated for better needle retention and longer cut life.
      • Fill Christmas Tree Stand with ice cubes once a day to ensure the tree stays fresh throughout the Christmas period.
      • The water should be topped up every 1-2 days, depending on how thirsty your tree is, so check the water levels daily.
      • To prevent the mosquito from breeding, you can add anti-mosquito granules to the water.
  • Due to the nature of  the product, we may encounter slight delays from the growers/farm, we will inform you via WhatsApp should there be any delays to your delivery.
  • Delivery schedule: Monday-Sunday: 10-5pm, 5-10pm


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  • Live Christmas Trees are popular and they offer that Real Fragrance.
  • They are pioneer trees, growing in quickly after a forest fire clears an area.
  • The wood is strong and of high quality.

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