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‘This the season for a home full of the festive smell of evergreen. Many homes have the tradition of putting their Christmas gifts under a live tree. But with time, Christmas trees become dried out and a fire hazard in the home.’

We encourage you to dispose of your Christmas tree within first few weeks of January.

For the setup, installation, and dismantling of Christmas trees, advance order needs to be placed at least 3 days in advance. Otherwise, an urgent fee of an extra $100 will apply

So, How Do You Throw Away a Christmas Tree?

Although real and artificial Christmas trees may serve similar decorative purposes, the processes to get rid of them are very different.

Since live trees are biodegradable, they can be safely composted, mulched, or disposed of with other yard waste. On the other hand, artificial trees are commonly made with plastic that does not break down in landfills and can’t easily be recycled with single-stream waste like plastic bottles.


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