Wallet Friendly Bundle – 2.3m-2.4m (8ft) Aria Tree Christmas Set


Big tree! Perfect for big offices / private property with a large space!

Already have your own ornaments/lights and only looking for a tree? Click here!

Glossy dark and light green color pine needles! This is a fabulous design if you’re looking for a leafy and dense Christmas tree. The dense woodland pine branches are a mix of classic pine needle branches and realistic imitation bristles of a real pine tip. The deep forest green helps to add further realism!

Bundle Information

Bundle Contains:

  • 2.3m-2.4m Aria Tree (height may be up to 5cm shorter than actual due to natural variations)
  • Star Topper (30cm)
  • LED Warm String Lights (3 Set x 10m),
  • 4 Bundles Minimalistic Vanderbílt Christmas Ornaments
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The product images shown are for illustration purposes only. All Christmas trees go through inspection in our office before delivery.


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Star Topper Color

Vanderbilt Ornament Colors


Add-ons total:



How to set up the Aria Christmas Tree

Christmas tree comes unassembled and without ornaments, to assemble:

*  Input screws into the iron base without tightening it first
*  Place the longest part of the tree into the middle of the base.
*  Tighten the screws.
*  Pull the branches away from the trunk of the tree to open up the Christmas tree
*  Place the middle section or the next shorter part of the tree on base trunk.
*  Fluff up the rest of the branches by opening the compact branches and leaves.

Product Information

  • Highly Durable – Made from premium quality Polyvinyl Chloride for longer lasting branches.
  • Known for – Pine is known for its excellent needle retention, no more worrying about falling leaves!
  • Iron Base Stand – Sturdy and strong, ensures the tree stays up all season.
  • Free island-wide delivery!
  • The product images shown are for illustration purposes only.
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